Analysis of images and video:
Tatiana Malygina, Elena Ericheva and Ivan Drokin. Data augmentation with GAN: improving chest X-rays pathologies prediction on class-imbalanced cases

General topics of data analysis:
Alexey Gurianov. Histogram-based algorithm for building gradient boosting ensembles of piecewise linear decision trees

Optimization problems on graphs and network structures:
Michael Khachay and Yuri Ogorodnikov. Efficient PTAS for the Euclidean Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with non-uniform non-splittable demand

Social network analysis:
Evgeny Komotskiy, Tatiana Oreshkina, Liubov Zabokritskaya, Marina Medvedeva, Andrey Sozykin and Nikolai Khlebnikov. Analysis of Students Educational Interests Using Social Networks Data

Analysis of dynamic behavior through event data:
Semyon Tikhonov and Alexey Mitsyuk. Method to Improve Workflow Net Decomposition for Process Model Repair

Natural language processing:
Elena Pimonova, Oleg Durandin and Alexey Malafeev. Authorship Attribution in Russian with New High-Performing and Fully Interpretable Morpho-Syntactic Features